Barcelona, Spain — CanceRNA, a distinguished global consortium dedicated to the advancement of RNA-based cancer therapies, formally conducted its 2nd Annual Meeting on September 4-5, 2023, at the Center of Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona. The assembly was meticulously orchestrated to facilitate comprehensive discussions and collaborative explorations concerning the most recent developments and prospective avenues in RNA-based cancer immunotherapies.

This distinguished gathering, situated in the esteemed CRG, addressed pivotal advancements in RNA-based cancer immunotherapeutic strategies, including but not limited to personalized cancer vaccines, computational methodologies, and neoepitope discovery. The meeting was not merely a presentation of scientific breakthroughs but also an incubator for innovative ideas and future collaborative ventures, emphasizing a unified, global approach towards understanding and combating cancer.

Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Profound thanks are extended to Prof. Juan Valcárcel, Deputy Director of the CRG and Chair of its Gene Regulation, Stem Cells, and Cancer Department, whose gracious hospitality and esteemed expertise significantly amplified the event’s impact. Prof. Valcárcel’s unwavering support and constructive environment have undoubtedly sown seeds of future collaborative triumphs in the field.

In addition, heartfelt appreciation goes out to every partner and participant who enriched the discussions and collaborative spirit of the meeting: Prof.Michal Lotem, Amalia Herszkowicz, Rotem Karni, Erez Levanon, Efi Rahamim, Pablo Menendez, Narcís Fernández, and many more whose names echo in the corridors of breakthrough and innovation in cancer research.

Fostering Global Collaborations in the Pursuit of Healing

Backed by a formidable alliance of global institutions and organizations, including:

Hadassah Cancer Research Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar-Ilan University, Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), GSAP, Immunyx, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Josep Carreras, University of Antwerp, Amsterdam UMC, Univer sitätsklinikum Erlangen, Merck and InterLabs

The CanceRNA consortium perpetuates its commitment to melding wisdom, resources, and expertise, with a collective vision aimed at heralding a new era in RNA-based cancer therapies. This 2nd Annual Meeting not only celebrated the synergies of scientific intellect but also paved the way for future collaborations, catalyzing next-level breakthroughs in oncology.

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